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 Medical Physics plays an essential role in modern medicine. It common to divide in to subspecialty areas such as radiology, nuclear medicine and radiation oncology medical physics.

 Medical Physics in Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine web site designed to provide informations related to radiation oncology physics and nuclear medicine physics. For many years ionizing radiation has been beneficial to human beings for medical diagnosis and therapy.The radiation medical physicists  responsibles for beneficial use of ionizing radiation. In radiation oncology medical physicists are as important members of the team delivering radiation therapy.One important example is the treatment planning for cancer patients, using either external radiation beams or internal radioactive sources and others responsibilities.

 Medical Physics in Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine web site also has goal to providing informations for public to assist understanding the field of medical physics and radiation oncology.I also invite you to explore it if you interrest.

All materials on Medical Physics in Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine web site reviewed and approved by experts in field of radiation therapy and medical physics as well as from others medical physics organizations, my resarches, studing and related sites of radiation therapy and nuclear medicine.

RT Treatment Planning System                Linear Accelerator

Multi-leave Collimator(MLC)             Radiotherapy Plan  Evaluation

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